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Before blogging on the Party, I gotta apologize to my readers for not bringing my camera along to the above event. But I didn’t feel good about bringing it to a party which necessarily would involve some drinking and dancing. Since I was not very satisfied with the night pictures I got at the party at Passion, I decided, that I’d better just enjoy myself without producing photo coverage.
My friend Goh collected me around half past five at the Condo, and we quickly made our way to PD. Before we went to the Party we had a look at the apartment Goh had organized to stay overnight and also had a some starting beer, and some dinner. When we finally started for the party at around 10 there was already a great crowd moving towards the location. Although many people were about to enter everything went astonishing smooth, and we didn’t have to wait too long at the entrance (but security kinda sucked – I could easily smuggle a can of red bull into the area, without even being bugged about it). Entering, it was already Markus Schulz’s turn at the main area, and it music wasn’t bad at all. I gotta admit, that I can really enjoy some decent trance music, I even fancy some slower and almost monotonous tracks.. The whole Party setup was quite sufficient for a mass event. A adequate light show, adequate chill-out space, and short waiting times at the beverage stalls. But the reason for this were probably the waiting times at the toilets.. For the whole crowd I could only count about 50 Toi-Toi chemical toilets. So in the later evening long waiting times were programmed for both men and women. This clearly killed some of my thirst for beer (Although RM10 for a 0,3l can of Heineken was a fair price imo). Also annoying considering infrastructure were the mobile phone networks, which just collapsed. No chance to get a call or even a SMS out at the festival area – so I didn’t manage to contact my colleagues from Siemens :-(. But I ran into Alison – so at least one more familiar face. We spent time at the party until roughly five o’clock! Since I don’t have picture you might want to have a look at Shaolintiger’s or Tilia’s Blog Posts.


  1. Questionnaire 2005

    Sabine had a stick to throw around by posting her personal questionnaire, and although I’m not a friend of those self-projections I will use it to reflect a little on the last year. See also the (German) questionnairs of Sabine and Nils. Gained or lo


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