Currently on my playlist - German songs

After the newest trance traxx from DJs like Johan Gielen, Goldfish, Markus Schulz and DJ Scot Projekt, some contrast program is necessary. But I got to disappoint my little brother – no Rock, but slow (German music) made it into it:

Wunder – Was hält uns wach
Wunder is a Band from Hamburg, like Kettcar or Fettes Brot, and their songs are quite enjoyable. (Btw, why do I get confronted with Hamburg so often lately?)

Roxette – Church of your heart
I wanted to chose at least one none German song for this list. Listening to a cover version of some Roxette song I was reminded, that I still have the best of compilation on my hard disk. So I chose this great song which was one of the first songs of Roxette I ever listened to, (I had this on my tape, while driving to a 1 weeks stay in England in 1992, and along with the Scorpion`s “Winds of Change”, I listened to it all of the time)

DianeDas Beste
This song has some special charm. Diane’s voice shows some similarity to Anette Lousian, but the song is less playful than her songs, yet full of feeling. It is talking about the subtle things about true love in a relationship.

Yet another song about being together. It distributes a really positive feeling. Together you’re gonna be like gold. Really nice one.

Christina Stürmer – Engel Fliegen einsam
I’m still a little sad, that I missed Christina Stürmer’s concert in Bamberg. The song reminds my a little bit to Jasmin Wagner’s “Helden wie wir”. Somehow the text talks about a missed relationship, and the fate is to stay alone.


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