Let's Party! PD here we go! & other thoughts

Initially I didn't want to continue yesterday's list, but I think it is more clearly arranged to use a list:

  • I managed to get my laundry today - now I have about 5kg extra to carry home.
  • My brother finally managed to get his travel plans arranged, and will visit me from the 13.9.-26.9. :-). So I could finally figure out which days I want to ask my boss to get leave.
  • I had a nice talk with Lars on the phone, he will visit from the 28.9.-12.10.
  • As a compensation about forgetting about my bar of chocolate yesterday, I finished the whole thing today..
  • Mum didn't call :-(
  • Fettes Brot and Kettcar are playing tonight in Coburg and I can't be there.
  • Goh will collect me tomorrow aroung 9pm to leave for the party in PD
  • I will be leaving office (again) too late, to get one of the delicious Malay Burgers for dinner
  • I might get up early tomorrow and have breakfast at *bucks (I wonder when they will at least invite me for a cup of coffee for permanently speaking about their outlets)
  • I didn't yet reach one of my goals for this week, which is too look for a apartment, when I get back to Bamberg in October (so if you are reading this and you have a place to offer, please let me know)
  • Obviously I seem to have a little creativity left, since Rene like my text advertising the Feki.de Chat, and brought it online
  • Since Feki.de Webmail is down, I have no chance getting my mailk from there :(, Can I claim the additional costs I got to pay to pop the emails from the IT-Team now?


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  1. davors says:

    *hmmmm... i wonder where u guyz havin the party?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well. As far as I know at the PD Marina. Shouldn't be a big problem to find it, as there are thousands of people expected to partycipate ;-)

  3. christian says:

    *gerade zurück von einem brasse abend! ansage war 1 Flasche havana! war aber nix! waren 6 becks gold und ein super abend! gruesse nach sued-ost, koennte shon wieder urlaub gebrauchen!

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ich seh schon ohne mich geht nix ;-) - Wer war denn alles am Start? Reservier dir schon mal nen Freitag Abend, wenn ich wieder da bin ;-) Mit Becks Gold werd ich mich dann aber net zufrieden geben. Da müssen dann zumindest Flügerl her ;-)



  5. christian says:

    *Ich trink doch keine Flügerl! Mit Jägermeister kommen wir da schon weiter!

    Und er 23.12 ist auch schon fix gebucht :-)


  6. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Diesmal lassen wir es dann aber so kurz vor Weihnachten ruhiger angehen ;-). Ist der Termin bei Timmy auch schon gebucht? Timmmmmmyyyyyy! Liest du uns hier?

    Naja.. Jägermeister ist net gerade mein Favourite.. da schon eher Tequilla oder Vodka. Aber egal wir haben ja viel Auswahl. Btw, wenn das so weitergeht, und net bald trinkfester Besuch aufschlägt bin ich wenn ich zurück komme abstinent.. (Der Havanna lebt immer noch)

    Grüße aus dem gerade verregneten PJ


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