4 month done! – 9 weeks to go (some thoughts about returning to Germany)

Already in a thinking mood, I took some time for myself this evening (ok, I spent quite a while chatting and phoning), and that brought me into that little uncertain mood – two thirds of my time here in Malaysia are already gone. And imagining, that in about exactly 9 weeks I will be boarding my plane back to Germany feels shocking. I already learned a lot in the past four months, I also saw quite a lot – but this country offers yet so much more to explore, so many more things to experience here! How can I go back to BAU (Business as Usual) in Germany? I think this will be quite a difficult task.

Life is pulsating here in Malaysia, people are talking about growth all the time – you can see the cities growing. There are permanently new markets, to which the business is adjusting. And it Germany people talk euphemistically about “Nullwachstum” (0%-growth). At his small speech on Friday the German ambassador told us that he hopes that we can bring a little of the predominant optimistic mood back to Germany. Of course I will do my best to do this – I’m always an optimistic guy. But reading the German media and seeing how good ideas to improve things in Germany get dismantled by the media battle of the election campaign makes me sad. Here in Malaysia you can see people working really motivated and hard to achieve something in their (there are some, who don’t of course, too) – and their lives can be real success stories. In Germany I get the feeling, that too many people don’t try too hard for their success anymore. Once you reach a certain level of comfort you might just take that for granted, and not try any harder. But is this the attitude that made our society? Our grandparents and parents did a great work rebuilding the country after WWII, they showed the world with their ambition that they have skill and willpower to restart after making the mistake of relying onto a national social government. Unluckily a part of the rebuilding was sabotaged by communism and the separation of the country. Then after decoy of communism in Europe and the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 we got the chance to correct this “sabotage”. But at this stage we were sabotaged by ourselves. Of course it wasn’t an easy situation – both east and west Germany had certain achievements, which no one would want to give up, of course. The west had a higher degree of prosperity, where the east had a more comfortable social security. Then the People of East Germany where forced to give up their social security (because it wasn’t economically bearable) and the People in West Germany where forced to share their wealth with East Germany. So possibly people from both sides were not always happy. But it was the only chance to become one nation again. Economically everything didn’t turn out to be as easy as it could be, and our country run into quite a few problems now. Too high non-wage labour costs make big companies to outsource their factories into cheaper places, business demands are changing and traditional professions lose their importance all resulting in a high unemployment rate. Living with an increasing degree of globalization has its price.. Our world is changing – so that is what we need to do, too. Wealth and status once reached cannot be taken for eternally granted, if we want to keep our status we will have to work – at least as hard as other people are working, too! Why do I have the feeling that too few people understand this?

Seems like I have a real mission, when I get back to Germany.. Let’s hope that everything works with the postal ballot, that I can do my little part for a change in my home country from here. But regardless how the elections will end – Here even people in a really unfriendly environment manage to succeed – so I know that I can succeed even – especially if I can chose my environment. Hopefully Germany will be able to prevent brain-drain of highly skilled people and carry on in being a knowledge superpower.


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  1. Johnny says:

    *Which part of Germany are you from? I am a Malaysian currently in Northern Germany. I am here since 2003 March and hoping to go back for holidays i 2 months time.

    Wishing you a safe trip home!


  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hope you like Germany! I'm from Northern Bavaria - in South Germany. I'll better not think too much about the trip home. Still some weeks to spend here :-)



  3. Rex Imperator says:

    *I have not been to your country but i have certainly heard tremendous amount of stories about your country and the achievements made. There are heaps this country and my Motherland can learn and immitate from your country.

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