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I got to admit, that I couldn’t keep up pace last week with the targets I had set myself – two postings a day shouldn’t have been a problem – since there was the haze to report on..  But for some postings you got to find a calm mood, to think things through and to write in peace. With our little moving exercise at work I (yes, you are right, the haze pictures were the last I got to shoot from the 15th floor, now I’m sitting at the 13th floor, with a unspectacular view towards Eastin Hotel.) was given some action there, and in my free time I was around quite a little bit.. seafood dinner, dinner with Mathias and Sven, pool at matrix, there are always activities which can keep you from a calm evening. After all I don’t want to end as a lonely hermit here, just to write decent blog postings.. Although I again spent probably too much time this weekend working for this little website of mine. I got a new header picture chosen, which hopefully will be up soon, I got a few new image galleries compiled, and I’m writing right now (although I could really need some sleep now after a tiring but exciting day at the Genting Highlands.


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