Saturday afternoon - Breaking through the hangover mood

The ambassador invited, and the interns came! That was the beginning of a very entertaining Saturday evening (you’ll get both text and photo coverage, when I’m done with the pictures). Once in KL it was natural, that we wouldn’t just drive home. So we ended up partying at the club “Passion” until it closed around 3am. After sleeping until 1pm, I now managed to end up at Starbucks in Seksyen 14 (Since the haze is still present I changed my initial plans to spend the afternoon at the swimming pool). Here I’m confronted with nostalgia. It wasn’t just one Saturday or Sunday on which I ended up here after partying with my former flatmate Dirk (Many Greetings go out to Qatar here!).
But Starbucks is not really a good place to cure a slow mood. The music here is meant to relaxed, and I’d need some decent rock music or hard trance now, to get my system running fully powered. Anyway. I managed to update my outlook mails, found some new mp3s to download, and will be heading for the haircutter when I’m done here. I’d already finalize the planning for the visit of Lars in October, but I’m not really in a decision making mood right now. So that will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow night..


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