Haze – The situation gets worse

Did you ever wanted to experience a situation were the government calls out a situation of emergency? Well, seems like I run into one. Today the Prime Minister of Malaysia officially announced a haze emergency for Kuala Selangor and Port Klang. Well at least that is still a few miles away.. As far as we are concerned here in PJ, the API is only above 300, which means, very unhealthy.. (btw. the government decided to start API values again.. so everyone may get informed about the pollution situation) It seems like we’d better get used to the current situation. Our Siemens HR department equipped us with some breath masks, and everyone is hoping for rain. Since At least I didn’t have any breathing problems yet. Although my skin and my eyes seem not to like the smog very much (red eyes at night/bad skin)..

I guess the “sommerliche Gartenfest” (summerly gardenparty) of the German ambassador will have to be held indoor tomorrow. Since we didn’t get a notice that it would be postponed or canceled, I think he is still giving this party for German Interns.


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