Barbecue at Tiara Damansara

All my German friends will know what I’ve been missing throughout the summer. It’s the barbeque sessions at the back of the student apartments at the Obere Mühlbrücke in Bamberg. Last summer my room was more a storage for beverages than anything else – there always had to be a chilled case of beer, cause we might just spontaneously decide to have a BBQ-Session. Unluckily BBQ-Sessions are not that common here in Malaysia. But on this Saturday we actually managed to have one at our Condo. I wasn’t aware that there was even a place for BBQ there, but Mathias figured out that there was one, and managed to book it for the evening. So after the paintball session we headed for 1-Utama to do some shopping for the evening (some RM 370 later we had quite some food an beverages for our BBQ).

BBQWe met at sometime after 6pm at the barbecue place and set comfortably set up there. We used a few big plastic bags and some ice to build a cooler for our beer and the other beverages. Later we started firing up the barbecue. We had a lot of fun talking, and so the time passed by very fast.
MathiasWe finished early, since most of us where up to go for some decent partying somewhere in KL. I won’t bother you too much with the details. The Club called Loft played mainly electronic dance/house music, we had some whisky there (whisky-lemon is indeed a nice drink), and we had great fun. Thx. to Mathias there exists also some Photo-coverage of the evening… 


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