Haze - continued...

Today is even worse than yesterdayI’d rather blog about something more pleasing, but since the smog/haze is everywhere I can’t just tackle something else. I read today’s article in the Star, and it seems that the situation might even get worse during the next days.
Yesterday, open burnings in Klang Valley were banned, today open burnings in whole Selangor where banned (I wonder why they didn’t already do this yesterday.. how can anyone sane but even more pollution into the air if it is even as bad as now..).

Very interesting to see the attitude of the government to the problem. They won’t openly release the measurements of the API (Air Pollution Index) . The surely devastating results could scare the people and of course tourists – so the government decide that it should be up to them to advise the people what to do, but not giving them data to decide on their own. The current advise of the government is to wear masks outdoor to be protected from the unhealthy air conditions - whether the simple cotton masks, ehich are sold for 2-3RM everywhere are any helpful agains small dust particles is another issue.

The weather situation with winds from the east blowing smoke over from Indonesia won’t possibly change until the start of the monsoon season in October. So the only chance to solve the problem is to stop fires in Indonesia. But Indonesia’s government is unable to handle the problem. Their environment department already calls ASEAN countries for help to put out the fires… Let’s hope they will get some help.

Yesterday I thought the situation here could not get much worse, but today I can’t even recognize the War of the World advertisement.. I wonder how long it will take until the Motorazr V3 advert will be gone, too. Right now the hill opposite can’t be spotted anymore. Only some shapes of the first trees can be recognized.. Guess visibility here is down to about 1km.


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  1. minishorts says:

    *apa one km... i think less than 300 meters lah now.

  2. 8dee says:

    *This thing is really getting out of hand. Seems like it is getting worst each day.

    Anyway I got face mask. Any buyer?

  3. ~Jessy~ says:

    *I've never seen haze as bad as this.
    Once outdoor, it almost smells like there's a fire nearby!

  4. suzie_q says:

    *hmm..looks like your at cp tower.. haze actually got into my office.. whole office is coughing...this is definately the worst ever!!

  5. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Exactly, I'm at CP Tower. And luckily our air con keeps the smoke outside. Let's hope that will stay that way.

  6. Ann says:

    *I havent taken a deep breath in a lot of days.... =( This is so bad for my lungs...

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