Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation center

Orang UtanThe Mission of the Rehab center is to help Orang Utans, which get injured or captured by men to become rehabilitated again. Especially baby Orang Utans, of whom the mother died need a intensive care. It takes a long time, to educate the Orang Utan to live in the wilderness of the jungle again. But the mission of the rehabilitation Center is important, since more and more of those primates get confronted with men entering there forests to convert it to more and more palm oil plantations. After being nursed and cared the Orang Utans are released into the forest near the rehab center. They are still offered food by the park - those two daily feeding events at 10am and 3pm attract visitors from all over the world - and they have the chance to feed themselves from fruits in the jungle. At 8:40am, a movie about the Rehab center is shown, and then visitors are allowed into the park.

Crowd of people watching the feedingThe park is a wooden walkway, which leads into the jungle to the ample viewing platforms, which offers view to the feeding platform, where the Orang Utans get their fruits. It is very neat, to watch the primates toying around with bananas. A mother with a little baby Orang Utan was also quite spectacular to watch. But honestly I must admit, that everything seems to me just equal to any feeding show you can get in a zoo, as well. So if you want to see Orang Utan, you might also visit one of the great zoos of KL and Singapore or even in Germany. And if you want to support the Orang Utan, you may also support them directly through this website.


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