The haze is back

The Sun is barely visible this morning through the hazeIt rained a little last week on Friday, and there was hope that the weather situation might change a little. And on Saturday morning the weather was indeed quite nice – we got lucky for our paintball session! But already in the afternoon the situation got bad again. And nothing has changed since that. In the morning everything will be really hazy and at night it might eventually get a little better. The forest fires in Indonesia still continue – and of course there are a few spots here in Malaysia releasing fumes into the air, too. Especially the peat fire in Cyberjaya is not under control yet – and some usual polluter like a waste disposal incineration plant near Port Klang are still polluting the air here.

Clear View from CP TowerHazy View from CP TowerUpdate 09.08.05 13:42: I found an old picture showing the view out of my office window, and I got a new one, with the current haze situation. Were you could once see the Petronas Twin towers, it is now even too hazy to read the advertisment along the roadsite...


  1. Sports – Part 1 – Jogging reloaded

    After watching a 1.80m and 130kg guy at MTVs “Make”, I honestly had to think about my personal physical fitness. Guess it isn’t that bad at all, since I didn’t have problems skiing last week. But you can ski a lot without efforts, if you are a little expe


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  1. Jerry says:

    *Hrmm, i guess the price for the mask would be increased following the thick haze... :/

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