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What is up with the weather today? Where does all this haze come from. Those are the questions that arouse yesterday after about 3pm. Going out of the air conditioned office wasn't any fun at that time. You could really smell smoke in the air. Today I found a explanation for this weather situation at the Newspaper "The Star". Obviously some fires in the rainforests of Sumatra and a peat fire near cyberjaya are the reason for the huge amount of smoke that is in the air right now. For detailed info I saved a copy of the newspaper article here. Let's hope the weather situation chances, that the smog can escape.

Quite interesting, on the weekend i saw some burning forests in Borneo and today I get known to conequences of burning forests in Indonesia. All that comes into my mind right now is pitty for the poor environment. But i can't tell how big the part of burning nature is in the cause of this haze. Could be vulcanic activity as well.. The newspaper only talks about "hot spots"... Anyone here to clarify this? Well, let's see how the situation develops.

Edited 08.08.05: As I talked with a few people, I found out, that haze is very common during the hot season - with burning spots all around and no rain both to clear the fires and the polluted air situations like the current haze are not uncommon. There is even a webpage which deals about that matter.


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  1. Anon. says:

    *I do believe they're nth to do with volcanoes... Peat fires are very common in indonesia, so common that they are unreported in the newspapers here. But if any of the volcanoes is erupting, the newspapers here would definitely save a column for it.

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