Minor updates on Blog-Script

I got to admit, that I didn't spend too much time improving the basis of my blog during the last weeks. Since I moved to the Tiara Damansara Condo I didn't have too much access to unrestricted Internet too often. So editing things via FTP were not possible. I would like to have the header picture changed mor often too, but that is a vicious circle i would need some time with ftp access to figure out how to chance the script to upload new header pictures via www, but i don't have this time... Probably tunneling via port 80 might work, but no one has time to set that up for me..

So it seems, that you will have to live with the few chances I could make via www, or with the help of Sebastian and Christian M.:

  • Added Favorites-Icon
  • Installed Linkings to previous and and next articles, while reading articles
  • Added and Deleted Google-Ads
  • Installed module to sent updated sitemap to Google permanently

Btw. Made some quite interesting discoveries. The MSN Spider, which searches for new content on Websites seems to like my page. It seems like it crawled my entire image gallery. Try a search on "site:in-malaysia.de". It is getting me some 4774 results, where Feki.de only gets 1477. Seems like MSN didn't want to index Feki.de's message board yet. Searching Google I get 3400 results for in-malaysia.de and 4920 for feki.de.

I also managed to earn a Google-Pagerank. Don't know exactly how there system works, but obviously it likes, that some of my friends linked my blog. Thanks to my friends for that!


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  1. Sabine says:

    *Selbstzweck as Selbstzweck can, oder? ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, I'd rather say, running a website, you gotta do, what you gotta do, and i decided not to write all this stuff only for myself ;-) This reminds me, that i wanted to reflect on the purpose of this blog.. will do that after my reflection on the first 3 month here in Malaysia..

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