Lake Temenggor

Lake TemenggorI targeted Lake Temenggor, because I saw a report on Malaysia, and it appeared to be a spot were you would get some insights into the pure nature of the country - for sure. It was although said, that we could get some tours to the natives, but since we already had managed, to do this in the Cameron Highlands, our program was freed of the stress that we'd have to do this at Lake Temenggor. And it was a really good development - we met some travelers at the Banding resort, who talked about their journey into the wild. And it was a interesting experience for them for sure.. But their guide didn't speak any English - so they could only see.

Rainforest East-West HighwayFor us the Banding resort was just transit - so we considered the journey in getting there and away as the most important thing. And there was a lot to see. The East-West highway (which can't really be called a highway, since it is only a two lane road for most of the time) cuts deep through the rainforests of center Malaysia - before it was build the only way to get from Penang to Kota Bharu would have been to go through KL!. So it is a big advantage in terms of infrastructure, that you can travel directly now. But a disadvantage is, that now the jungle that was protected by itself can now be easily accessed by the road. So You see a lot of plantations on the way, and although trucks with loads of mammoth trees. On our way to Kuala Besut we also had a look on some parts of the Temenggor damn.

Temenggor DamnSo If you need to cross the country in the north, a short visit of Lake Temenggor is a good place for a short rest, but you might not want to spent too much time there. If you want to visit the rain forest there are most probably better spots, like Taman Negara.


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