It seems like people around here are really obsessed with abbreviations. One of the first things I had to learn at Siemens where the meanings of the abbreviations for the different business departments. Speaking of those we deal with horizontal:

  • L&A – Logistics & Assembly Systems
  • I&S – Industrial Solutions & Services
  • A&D – Automation & Drive
  • SBT – Siemens Building Technologies
  • PG – Power Generation
  • PTD – Power Transmission & Distribution
  • COM – Communications
  • IBS – Integrated Business Solutions (Malaya Version of SBS – Siemens Business Services)
  • TS – Transportation Systems
  • HR – Human Ressources
  • SM – Strategic Marketing
  • CCOM – Corporate Communications
  • BEA – Business Excellence & Administration
  • CF – Corporate Finance
  • CIO – Corporate Information Office
But after becoming accustomed to their meanings it only takes a short while until you use them carelessly.. by mistake I might have used a few of common Malayan abbreviations here in my blog, too. But better late then never I will try to explain those to you.

Since there are only few major cities in Malaysia, everyone here tends to use only the initial letters to abbreviate those. Therefore we use the following abbreviations:

  • KL - Kuala Lumpu
  • PJ - Petaling Jaya
  • PD - Port Dickson
  • JB - Johor Bahru
  • KB - Kota Baru
  • KT - Kota Terrenganu


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