Friday – the Button Day

… or the story about casual wear in office. During the week it is advisable to wear some reasonable clothes – e.g. black trousers and shirt. As an intern not necessarily a tie. So I stick with my black trousers or my black jeans from Monday to Thursday. But Friday is casual! So finally I get the chance to wear one of my two Jeans I brought and a T-Shirt. You would not wear short trousers on Friday, since those are more than casual.. Short trousers are only adequate at the weekend, when you would usually not supposed to work. So I wear one of my jeans every Friday, enjoying the Freedom of causal Friday. Since both of them does not have a zipper, but buttons I get reminded every time at the toilet, that it is “Button-Day”.
But today it I guess I’m wearing my most valued short trouser on my way to the Cameron Highlands ;-)


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