Disgusto con el petrolífero vietnamita.

No need to worry, I won't start blogging in Spanish now, also the title could implicate. But today on a research about some Vietnamese Oil fields I got so desperate, that I even tryed my luck searching for Spanish Reports. And the Report "El mercado internacional del petróleo en 2003. La exploración y producción en el mundo." Is indeed a very intersting document I found. But a little outdated, since I needed to find info on ongoing projects. The great Lexis-Nexis Search tool i can use, was also no great help. So the last info I got was from sometime in 2004... Well - better luck next time.

At least I will finally make it to the KLCC office of my boss. Since a colleague needs a introdcution on how to use the above mentioned Lexis-Nexis tool, i will be visiting KLCC 55th floor tomorrow afternoon. What a great coincidence that I was up to meet Christian and Bianca in KL anyway that evening :-).


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