The walk to work

LS Malaysia

Think that I already wrote about that issue.. But the roads here in Malaysia are just not very friendly for pedestrians. Where in the U.S. the pure distances would keep you from walking somewhere, here in Malaysia it's not distance but the stuffed and not for pedestrians made infrastructure will do for sure. Heading for office without a car (although I can say very thankfully, that Jens is a great help, taking me with him by car whenever it is possible), I have no other chance than walking besides a “very nice” Malays road. I gathered a picture series illustrating my way to work this week. I got the first part in the morning heading for office (a little late, though), and the second part walking home at night (even later..). I didn’t have a tripod for the night pictures, so I already had to take out quite a lot, and some are still not good. I hope you will enjoy to see the walk - I take it almost daily - at least one way!


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