War of the Worlds

It is the new movie of Steven Spielberg, so I was really looking forward, to see this movie in cinema. Yesterday Ben, Sven and me made it to see the movie at the 1-Utama movie theater. Since I already new the story from the book, I was really curious on how the new cinematographic adaptation would turn out to be. With Amblin and Spielberg on board spectacular - for sure. And I was not dissapointed. The special effects where overwhelming and at some parts of the movie I was really shivering (although the reason for this most obviously was the temperature at the movie theatre - although I wear long trouser - i froze like hell.. must have been less then 15°C). I think I don't have to got to much onto the story of war of the worlds. Earth is attacked by Aliens, and Tom Cruise is trying to protect himself and his children. Very interesting to see the story only from this view - there is no global news feed, on what is happening like in other movies about disasters. You only get the impressions of Tom Cruise. Which of course makes many things in the plot a little implausible. But that is the original story... And aren't Aliens attacking earth implausible at all.. Well, I really enjoyed the movie, and if you are willing to experience some horror scenario - this is your movie!

(Jay's Rating 5/5)


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  1. mudslinger says:

    *i loved the movie. thought it showed human beings fighting for their lives really well. the despair, the agony, the lost....

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