Today I want to point you to a "little" computer game I found yesterday. Golem.de describes it as a breakthrough in AI Technology. And in fact it is something new - a game were you have to interact with computer AI by talking to it. Although you only can talk by typing the characters in the game will answer you in spoken language. And you are part of the game. The game does not take very long to play through, but the real interactions with the AI is quite impressive.

If you manage to download the 800MB FREE Game, you will need another 1,8GB to install it, but it is worth a try. Get it and try to help the two characters Trip and Grace with their marriage problems.

(Jay's Rating 3/5)

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  1. Ihsan Hamzah says:


    Just commenting about ur blog in general. Although ur daily encounters in KL I find as very interesting and amusing, I am quite dissapointed about ur perceptions of malays (not spelt malayans). I'm half malay/half chinese and enjoy the best of both worlds. I clearly undertand that ur friends here are mostly chinese, but come on, the malays are good people. Of course no race is perfect and we must acknowledge that. But you should get to know them better before forming jugments. Avoid making judgements if it is based on other peoples' opinion who just represent a very small section of the society. Hang around with everyone and get an indiscriminate view of the malaysian society as a whole.
    You'll be surprised on what u'll find out.

    all the best...


  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thank you for that honest comment.

    I must admit, that they opinions/feelings in this blog are of course often influenced by what I hear and see. Although I should not try to jump to conclusions this happens... I will try to reflect more on further entries.

    I started to hang around a little at the Malays Blogosphere - that already helped to get a better view. Should try to spend some more of my free time with Malays ppl, though.

    I would be very pleased, if you'd like to pass by here in my blog and just remind me, if I get to a single-sided view.



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