An Ode to the Magic K

Once again I was magically provided with some brand new chart music from Germany and I want to thank my anonymous friend who made this possible :-)! So once again my heart can be delighted by mainstream Dancefloor music like

  • In-Grid’s Mama Mia (Yes, that’s a song in french),
  • Acardipane Vs.Balloon - Whoopie Whoopie (Which probably just didn’t make it into the charts for the confederations cup),
  • Florida inc. – Let me Love You (WhereTF do I keep the original Version from Mario Winans, and WhyTF is everyone just covering each others songs?)

Or some German Music like

  • Subway to Sally – Sieben (I still can bite my butt, how I could delete my darkwave collection from my HDD)
  • Glashaus – Du (“und je mehr ich an dich denke – desto deutlicher wird klar, das seit dem ich dich kenne nichts mehr ist wie es einmal war“ – do I have to write more?)

Btw. Blogging right now from one of the thousands of Starbucks in Bukit Bintang area.

Edited 10.07.05:

Ok, since I don't want to be blamed that Conny feels isolated, i will try to write up some more infos to the songs:

  • In-Grid had to very popular songs in the past like "Tu es Foutu", which you know for sure. There new song "Mama Mia" continues the vivid, bouyant stile, and will most probable be a very succesful summer hit.
  • Didn't hear of Acardipane before this song, too - but DJ Ballon might be an old acquaintance. He was somehow successful with his song "Monstersound" some years ago. He seems to be a friend of Scooters H.P. Baxter since he also likes to shout more or less useful commanfs into the listening crowd. The song "Whoopie-Whoopie" consists of a theme with same words, some hand sirens, which you would usually hear in a football stadium, and some fan singings "Laaa-laa-la-laaaa-laa-laaaa-laaa-la-la-la!...
  • It isn't the first time that Florida Inc. cooks up a cover song. This time Mario is the victim, and his song "Let me love you" is beeing processed.
  • Glashaus last song was "Haltet die Welt an" and the new "Du" is even more sad.. so no real choice if you want to have some music for easy listing.
  • Subway to Sally is a band, which is quite known for his Gothic/Metal songs which contain clear German lyrics. So if you actually want to understand lyrics of a Gothic Band, this might be a good choice - but who wants to understand Goth-Lyrics?


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  1. Conny says:

    *I am surprised - and somewhat relieved - that, even though I live in Germany and even though I listen to the radio and MTV quite a lot, I don't know any of these songs. I feel very lucky and privileged... :-) And isolated :-(

    But anyway, sth that is still missing in my collection is this Chinese song everybody knows, the one where the singer was killed on stage by a light that fell down. If anyone could provide me with an mp3-version...? Please?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I hope the extended article helps you not to feel isolated any more.

    I'm sorry, that I don't have any idea about which chinese song you are talking :-( If you could provide the name of the band and the titel i'd try my very best to get hold of it.

  3. Conny says:

    *Oh, I know Glashaus, In-grid and Subway to Sally (even saw them live once). I just don't know the songs... But from what you tell me about them it's not really my cup of tea anyway.

    About that Chinese song: ask any of your Chinese colleagues, they'll know it. And if it's possible to get hold of an mp3, send it to my gmail-address. PLEASE....!

  4. BrotZapfen says:

    *Yeah...comment cleared...uhm...
    You should remmeber that the first songs and records of Subway To Sally where in English and s**** as(s) hell!
    Florida Inc....let's see if they can produce a good cover...

    and last but not least: Wer im Steinhaus sitzt sollte nciht mit Glas werfen...

    Greetz to the Beatz!

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