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In case you didn’t know before – I more or less completely stopped playing computer games, when I moved to Bamberg at the beginning of my studies in 1999. So in the last years there were not too many conventional games that grasped my attention (in fact the only game I have got installed on my computer right now is NFS2U).
But there is one strategic game that occupied my quite a little the last year. And guess – it is a game that only can be played through the internet. But Astrowars is no game with neat graphics, it is just text based. The goal of the game is quite simple – set up a galactic empire over several star systems and fight with allies to defend it and to gain new planets. This might sound quit simple, but in fact it is not. You can play the game with only a few minutes of time each day, but you should continuosly follow the game. Since interaction with your opponents and allies is crucial you are needed to communicate a lot. Players play Astrowars from all over the world, and the game takes place in real time. So beeing in a different timezone then your fellows may be an advantage/disadvantage…
The game also is really dynamic, since one round, until a player or an alliance has reached the necessary points to win only takes about 3 month. In Beta Round 9 my brother and our GSG (Gamma Sector Group) Alliance even had the 15 minutes of fame you get once in a lifetime and made #5 in the Top Alliances ranking.
For this Beta GSG won’t be formed, and I started this morning with a part of the MOW. I’m looking forward to a promising beta. If you are interested in Astrowars, than just follow this link, and have a try!

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