Dinner at Italiannies. (Friday - Farewell Party Part 1)

LS Malaysia

Friday and Saturday where quite exciting, so I barely know where to start.. I want to write a travel experience about the trip with the Siemens Sports Club and I got to tell the story of Alberts farewell party, and of course I’ve got to get the pictures of this weekend online…

Dinner at ItalianniesThe weekend started Friday after work, where we headed to Italiannies with our leaving colleague Albert. Italiannies is an Italian-Style restaurant at the 1-Utama mall, which serves real big portions of food. With a few more colleagues from Siemens we had a real exuberant meal. So, we had set a real good base for the rest of the evening. The food at Italiannies actually is the most Italian food I got here yet, but compared to some Italian restaurants in Germany, or of course in Italy .. well let’s just not compare.. The whole picture series of the dinner is available here.


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