10 things to notice that you have spent quite some time in Malaysia

10. You get quite some tan (even without using the great banana boat tan-lotion LSF 0)

09. Nasi Lemak becomes a favorite dish.

08. Everything gets la. Cannot(la), Blog(la)!

07. You keep your wallet full of RM 1 not to get anyone into the embarrassment of not having change.

06. Walking on the road you are no longer upset when a motorcycle almost runs into you because the driver wants to bypass a jam on the roadside or outruns you on a jungle road.

05. Your favorite weekend challenge has become to hang around shopping centers

04. Your hard disk is jammed with thousands of Twin Tower Pictures, since you want to get the perfect shot.

03. Seeing a woman in a bikini gets you upset, since you are only used to elderly woman in bathing suits.

02. Searching for the newest songs you don’t use a crappy internet connection, but simply go to Petaling street.

01. You no longer think of the local food as spicy, since you had some moving Indian curry. In order to taste anything you now need to spice everything up using chili.


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  1. dannyFoo says:

    *LoL! Good one. :-)

    You could actually start a meme with this though it'll be difficult. <strong>grin</strong>

    And nice spam prevention. First one I've seen using the word insertion. ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I'm honored that you like my list :-) I'll probably compile some more the next weeks/month ;-)

    Since my site seems to be listed in the search engines quite well, i had to activate this excellent spam-protection of serendipity. Before the activation I got an average of 2 entries a day adertising for some online casinos...



  3. Sabine says:

    *@5: shocking! Did you become a woman? ;-)

    @3: lol

    @1: Nicht nur in Malaysia, auch in der ETH Zürich-Mensa ist das die einzige Überlebenschance...

    Greetz, Sabine

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I sould have said, that not all of those indcators are applicable to me.. But I got to admit, I once made it to spent a whole Sunday at Midvalley Mega mall..

    Musste die Mensa in Zürich noch nicht erleben. Sooo oft häng ich ja nicht gerade in der Schweiz rum.. Außer zum Skifahren.. Aber ich könnte eigentlich Bianca mal besuchen :-)



  5. Conny says:

    *I have some amendments to make...

    - To any ridiculously high price (be it a taxi or in Jalan Petaling) you respond with a warm smile and a heartily "Mahalnya!"

    - You take up the habit to wash your feet before you go to bed

    - You seize the occasion whenever a restaurant serves pork

    - You can tolerate and actually appreciate Chinese and especially Indian music

    - When you go out you buy your drinks by the bottle (and I'm not talking about beer now)

    - You start referring to tourists as Gwai Lo and you say siow or chee sin (still sticks with me)

    - Your English gets this weird melody and you say apa-apa saja.

    - You actually know the names of Indian/Chinese/Malay dishes and you even know the difference

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