Suggested Mp3s for Juli ‘05

Today I searched my mp3 collection for some real recommendable tracks. I ended up with the following list. They do not fully reflect, what’s in my Winamp playlist those days, but those are the songs I’d urge you to give a chance into your playlist.

  • System of a down – B.Y.O.B. (Album: Mezmerize)
  • Coldplay – Speed of Sound (Album: X&Y)
  • Lucie Silvas – What you are made of (Album: Breathe In)
  • The Chemical Brothers – Believe (Album: Push the button)
  • Queens of the Stone Age – In my head (known from the NFS2U Soundtrack)
Lucie Silvas bugged me for endless times on the Radio, withou
Probably less interesting, but with a high ranking in my playlist are:
  • ATB – Believe in Me
  • Die Toten Hosen – Freunde
  • The Goo Goo Dolls – Give a little Bit
  • My Chemical Romance – Helena (need to get the Album “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” urgently)
  • Coyote Girlz – Friday on my mind (especially in Mondays very important!)
  • U2 – City of Blinding Lights
  • Christina Stürmer – Ich Lebe (why does that woman has to perform in Bamberg just when I’m out? :-()
  • Faith Hill – Mississippi Girl (that is real country mainstream – easy listening at it’s finest)
Hot Guess for the Top100 next weeks.
  • Adam green – Carolina
  • Hermes House Band & Tony Christie - Is This The Way To Amarillo?
  • 3 Doors Down - Behind Those Eyes
  • Il Divo – Unbreak my heart (Regresa a Mi)


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