Didn’t expect it happening so fast.. expected it to be around my half time to reach the number of 100 Blog postings here. I reached 100 posts almost 3 weeks before my half-time. I also managed to set up over 40 Malaysia related image galleries and I discussed with my friends and users in more than 170 comments (Although I expected at least an average of 2 comments/article.. but somehow my friends seem to be a little lazy, but I guess complaining here might not be of any use.. those who didn’t take the chance yet, will most probable not change their behavior in the future).

The header picture was changed about 10 times, and users have been attracted from all over the world. (Also I helped a little.. my articles get announced at the Blogger-Portals Technorati, Blogrolling and Petalingstreet. I also keep sending an updated sitemap to Google.) The number of unique visitors increased to over 1000 this month. But the average number of page views per visitor sank - so my users seem to be less interested in the overall content.

Extensive Site Update
To honour the number of visitors, I took quite some time this weekend, to enhance my services and updated my blog. I hope you will like the new implemented features:
  • added random gallery image
  • added weather info for KL
  • added 5 last google searches, that found my Page
  • made Travel Itineraries page dynamic and added content for my visitors
  • updated some backend modules


  1. 400!

    Funny, the article before this one started with “40”.. Well, also the number at the bottom of the page tells you that this is my 397th entry, it is the 400th! The little discrepancy results from me, hiding some entries, which won’t appear at the main page


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  1. Theroadie says:

    *Hey! great weblog. Keep it up.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thx for your encouragement :-)

  3. wil@theblackjournal says:

    *hehe... just to let u know I'm bookmarking ur site. It's nice to have a likewise blogger around. Like the design too...very nice...I wonder what ur old design is like...

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thx. That honours me. Will keep your page on my watchlist, too. :-)

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