10 weeks – what has changed part 2

Upss, I didn’t quite finish my post on the eight weeks. So I will do one additional post on 10 weeks, also I only had planned to do this kind of summary every 4 weeks. But you might consider it as 8 weeks continued (like I did on the 4 weeks posting ;-))

Last week going to KLCC by LRT I noticed what has changed. After 2 month I know how to get around in this country. It is no longer something, which is alien to me. Stepping out of the LRT I know what to expect, and I learned ways to handle possible problems. Taking a taxi I know the local rates and can negotiate with the drivers – I know what is ok, and when they are trying to rip me off. 

Although the FRIM walk clearly showed me my limits concerning physical strains in the tropic climate, I feel quite comfy with the weather. Even walking in the hot sun around KLCC wasn’t a problem – also I sweated not only a little.

I also learned that I’m a communications junkie – I need a way to express myself and get feedback. Well. You are reading this Blog. So I guess this is nothing new to you. But I won’t forget the feeling sitting at home without a possibility to access the internet, and without an easy chance to talk to someone. Of course I always could call someone at home in Germany, but that is quite expensive… So I’ll keep writing mails. And also I might not notice when I miss answering a mail from one of my friends at home (using Webmail and Outlook parallel on 4 different mail accounts is quite a chaos – got about 900 unread mails in my outlook inbox..) I’m always disappointed if I don’t get feedback. Not calculating that my communication partners could have other problems then writing mails to me, or answering my ICQ queries.


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  1. Andreas says:

    *Welcome to Malaysia. Do you enjoy it? How did you find out about Petaling Street? How long will you stay? Malaysia is vibrant, a great country with many people. I came here in 2003 and still be here.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I really enjoy my time here. I'm in a cultural melting pot here. "Vibrant" is a really good word to describe what's going on here.

    Jan Schmidt a friend of mine (see Blogs of Friends) is researching about blogs, and i got quite curious about that topic to - so I searched for Malaysian Blogs, to get a impression what's going on here. So I ended up on Petaling street. And I yet spent many many hours reading through Malaysian Blogs :-)

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