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Since planing in simple tables is a little complicated I swapped the details into an excel sheet. This page is now updated for all the planned destinations! Still will need the following days to gather some Links on some of the targets. Good information on most of the targets can be obtained through the Lonely Planet guide book anyway.


Targets near and around KL

Batu caves, are a holy place for Hindu people, I already visited them here.

The Forest research Institute of Malaysia invites to hike, and to learn more about the Malaysian Rainforest.

The Lake Gardens Bird Park in KL offers a great variety of different species.

Christian & Bianca

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is a region in Malaysia, which is on a higher ground. The heights raise up to over 2000m and therefore the area is a little cooler then the rest of the country. (you can calculate that 100m in height make a temperature difference of 0.5 degrees, so you can expect refreshing temperatures there. In the Cameron highlands many things are grown, that don't get along with the warm temperatures, which reign the rest of the country. So you can find not only tea, but also strawberry fields there. I borrowed Lonely Planets info about Cameron Highlands here.

Tasik Temenggor

Lake Temenggor is a man made Lake in the heart of the province Perak. Interesting is the area because of its genuine forrests, and the Orang Asli a natural tribe lives there.

Pulau Perhentian

Said to be one of the most beautiful Islands of Malaysia. Info's are here.

Kota Kina Balu

Travel to Sabah Northern Borneo (Kota Kinabalu) problably visit of Mount Kinabalu (see Wikitravel on Mt. Kinabalu)






Pulau Langkawi

General information for my visitors:

Packt nicht zu viele Sachen ein, wie ihr wisst, kann Freigepäck ein Problem werden und bezüglich Kleidung
a) kann man Klamotten hier leicht irgendwo Waschen – muss ich mit meinen ja auch machen.
b) kann man hier viele Sachen ganz günstig einkaufen (z.B. Socken naher der Petaling Street 3 Paar MYR 5 oder Hemden - sehr schöne Hemden im FOS für MYR 50).
c) nimmt man eh meist mehr mit als man braucht. Ich persönlich hab mich über alle langen Hemden und Jacken etc. die ich mitgenommen habe geärgert, weil ich sie noch nie hier gebraucht habe. Wenn es einem beim Reisen mal zu kalt wird empfiehlt es sich ein Tuch oder Handtuch zum zudecken zu haben. Das reicht imo vollkommen aus.

Was es sich besonders rentiert / nicht rentiert ins Reisegepäck zu tun:

  • Sonnencreme/Spray NICHT MEHR (braucht man hier zwar öfter, und ist relativ teuer, dank Bianca hab ich aber noch einen ganz guten Vorrat hier - könnt ihr also getrost zuhause lassen)
  • Kopie vom Reisepass (braucht man evtl. mal um seine Identität bei irgendwelchen Condominum Guards zu hinterlassen)
  • Deo – am besten so kleine Probe Dinger die man überall mit hinschleppen kann (ja man schwitzt hier wie Sau, wenn man draußen unterwegs ist.)


  1. Out for a (short) walk

    This morning I went out for a nice little walk. I woke up at half past 9, because it got quite hot in my room. Too bad if you program the air con to switch of at 8 o’clock, since you go to work on weekdays, and you forget to reset it for the weekend… Si

  2. 3 more days

    Only three more days and my first visitor, who actually only visit Malaysia because I'm here, will arrive. It always sounded pretty far away "sometime in July" - but now it is only like 68 hours until I'll meet Christian and Bianca. Time seems t

  3. Final Travel Plans

    For those who didn’t check my Travel Itineraries page with detailed info on my upcoming journey, I will layout my planned holidays here. In case anyone is interested in joining, just let me know via mail or comment here, and we will figure out something.1

  4. Langkawi - revisited

    Choosing a targets for the holidays with Lars (He is visiting me since last week Wednesday.) Was not that easy, I’ve been to Pulau Perhentian the week before, and thank god the flights to Bali where quite expensive (elsewhere we could have ended up in a r


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