Out for a (short) walk

This morning I went out for a nice little walk. I woke up at half past 9, because it got quite hot in my room. Too bad if you program the air con to switch of at 8 o’clock, since you go to work on weekdays, and you forget to reset it for the weekend… Since I didn’t want to go neither to the pool nor to the restricted internet (only port 80) at the office, and I’m in need for a haircut and a hotlink top up card, I decided to pay a visit to Seksyen 14. Here I would get everything. So I started walking over from Tiara Damansara Condo, and wanted to catch a taxi on my way. Unluckily I didn’t manage to catch one, so I walked like 30 minutes. This wouldn’t be a problem, but the Malaysian roads are just not made for walking. You can’t go on the road, since you could easily run down by a car, and you can’t walk nearby the road, since you might fall into an open drain. So it wasn’t that much fun. But I at least saved the MYR 4 for a taxi. Since I’m almost broke I can invest that money probably into a can of beer tonight…

Now I’m sitting here at *bucks once again, downloading the newest charts and thinking about what to do this weekend. It will be a quiet one, for sure. I think I have a load of personal things to work one. I didn’t have a chance to care about them when I had action, while Dirk was around. I’ll also have to get into some more detailed planning for Christian and Bianca’s visit in three weeks, but since they didn't manage to give me a feedback to my suggestions, yet, this might not be an easy one...


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