Petaling Street

Jalan PetalingYou haven’t been to KL if you did not see the twin tower and visited the Chinese Market in Petaling street. Since Dirk wanted to buy some presents before leaving KL we headed for Petaling street once more. Our last visit was only about two weeks before, when we gathered a decent collection of nice CDs as a birthday present for Alison. Our previous visits always took place in the evening, so I couldn’t get really good pictures. This time Petaling street also was somehow changed. At night the whole street is stuffed with an extra line of shops, which makes it very hard to get through. But that didn’t really matter, since the whole variety of shops was there, too. But bargaining was a little harder, I just couldn’t convince that one trader to give me the sunglasses for MYR 10 – which is a normal price there at night time. So I just didn’t buy them. But later on I couldn’t resist buying the new album of Lucie Silvas, which I was looking for quite a while, also the CD was MYR 5 – and you can usually buy 3 CDS for MYR 10.. but that´s just supply and demand. The Lucia Silvas Album is in my opinion really worth the money, I will write a review when I find some time.

JuicesIf you want to go for a nice rest in Petaling street I can definitely recommend having a drink at the Swiss Inn hotel there. You can sit outside an enjoy one of there juices while watching the busy street.


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