THIS “Saturday night I felt the air was getting hot!”

… like you baby. Well unfortunately still no baby in sight for me. But it definitely was party time this Saturday evening! If you know Dirk – it is clear that there CAN NOT(la) be a farewell party which doesn’t rock. So we got our Party default party crew on board which was joined by Voj and Mathias and had a good warmup at our house. After finishing the beer and tequila we headed for Waikiki Bar and met some more friends there. Arriving at Waikiki we were very surprised that the confederations cup game Germany vs. Tunisia was running there on the screen. But the game was not too spectacular, so we did not get that distracted.
Of course Dirk and me were the last to leave there. But I got hungry, so I left with Goh slightly before Dirk and got some food at the Mamaks store near Waikiki. That is a real advantage here in Malaysia – getting some food in the middle of the night is very comfy.


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